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  • Hardcover:
  • $32 first book
  • $30 second and thereafter
  • Softcover:
  • $22 first book
  • $20 second and thereafter
  • Pages: 194
  • Pictures/plates: 19
  • Publisher: Sniktau/Xlibris
  • Pub Date: September 2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN (cloth): 1-4257-7117-1
  • ISBN-13 (cloth): 978-1425771218
  • ISBN (paper): 1-4257-7117-3
  • ISBN-13 (paper): 978-1425771171
  • Dimensions: 6.0"x9.0"x1.1"
  • Shipping weight: 1.2 pounds

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  • Via mail (best for the author):
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  • Phone: Xlibris, 888-795-4274

  • Buzz about the book
  • "It is so nice that we have this corner of Yellowstone Park history fleshed out."
  • Lee Whittlesey,
    Yellowstone Park Historian
  • "The book makes it clear that Senator Vest and General Sheridan used the Arthur expedition as leverage for the political battle ahead, and it stimulated a good deal of public interest in Yellowstone."
  • David Wetzel,
    retired editor of publications for the Colorado Historical Society

How to order Saving Yellowstone
SAVING YELLOWSTONE is available online and through bookstores in the park region of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, among many other locations. However, you may prefer to order directly from Sniktau Publications. This way the book can be autographed by the author, and inscribed as you wish. An inscribed book is especially appropriate as a gift for enthusiasts of western Americana and presidential history, and those who collect Yellowstone books.
The Order Form is a PDF document and requires Acrobat Reader or other application that can read PDF files. Simply print out the form, fill it out as completely as possible, enclose it with payment and mail it off. We will fulfill your order as quickly as possible. Get the order form here.
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Sniktau Publications was formed in Westminster, Colorado, to distribute books written and published by Robert E. Hartley. The company is named for a prominent Colorado weekly newspaper editor from the 1870s who wrote under the byline "Sniktau."